Formed in 1990, Fung + Blatt Architects is committed to creating environments that endure and inspire flexibility and a sense of freedom.

We accomplish this through a small practice firmly grounded in both structural design and the fine arts that allows us to navigate the boundary between the pragmatic and poetic. We have developed a substantial body of work of diverse program and scale, including environments for living, working, and learning.

Our designs integrate sustainable living and building practices with a connection to place to create cohesive and elevating experiences. Whether for a community or an individual, our goal is to locate the underlying spirit of each project, celebrate it, and deliver thoughtful and engaging places of habitation.

Project Description

This all-electric dwelling is designed for any solar orientation, offers different entry approaches and adaptability to most level lots. Designed around an L-shaped indoor-outdoor zone where living and kitchen-dining spaces extend into a working courtyard, the plan incorporates the outdoor into quotidian service. A circulation spine accommodates over-head storage and mechanical needs and organizes the spaces into primary and secondary functions. Doors and windows are strategically placed for ventilation, natural light, spatial flow and borrowed views. A staggering series of fences provide soft-edged screening from the main residence and other parts of the property. Intended for an individual, a couple, or a young family, this 795sf dwelling is calibrated to be a self-contained microcosm for living.

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